Writing a Personal Statement for Masters in Public Health

personal statement for masters in public health

Applying for a Master’s degree in public health is worth considering if you want to gain more knowledge about your course not to mention open more doors for your career in this field. Unfortunately, getting into this program may not be as easy as you might think because the slots are limited and there will be some tough competition going on. So how can you make your application stand out? Through your personal statement of course which is the best place to grab the attention of your readers. The question, however, is how to write a personal statement for Masters in public health? If you aren’t really adept in putting your thoughts into paper then perhaps hiring a professional writing service will do.

Tips on How to Write a Personal Statement for Masters in Public Health

  • Read the guidelines. The public health program will provide guidelines on how you’re going to write your statement. It is important that you read and review the instructions thoroughly such as word count, line spacing, and even character limits. Complying with the requirements is one step to making a good impression with your readers.
  • Use essay format. When writing your personal statement for your Master’s application, it’s important that you write following essay format. You shouldn’t simply rewrite the details in your resume because your readers will want to know more about you outside of the school.
  • Review requirements. Universities will want to know what prompted you to take up a Master’s degree in public health. The best way to answer this is to read everything that you can about the program, its requirements, and even determine issues regarding public health that you are interested in.
  • Consider your background. If your previous degree is related to public health then make sure that you indicate it in your paper. If not, you can explain what made you decide to pursue a degree in public health.
  • Explain your experience. In your personal statement masters, you can also write down what experiences you had regarding public health. Elaborate on this and even connect how your experiences and your course will be able to help you contribute to your field.
  • Add a personal touch. Since you are writing a personal statement it is only right that you add some personality to your writing. Share your strengths as well as weaknesses and explain how the Master’s program will be able to help you out.
  • Keep it professional. A well written personal statement is one that remains professional from start to finish. Make sure that there are no errors and that your paper is coherent and interesting.

Best Masters in Public Health Personal Statement

Unfortunately, writing a personal statement is not as easy as it seems especially to those who are not as adept in writing as they want to be. One of the toughest things about personal statements is writing as many interesting tidbits as possible within a limited word count. If you’re having a hard time putting together your personal statement, the best thing to do is to hire a writing service that can do it for you. This is where our service comes in.

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