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In life, there may be many times when we will be required to write a letter of intent for business venture, or there may just be a handful of times. When you apply for a job, you might be required to write a letter of intent, of if you’re proposing a business venture, you may well be asked to provide the best letter of intent. Similarly, when applying for a Masters degree, you might be asked to write a personal letter of intent.

So What Is a Letter of Intent?

letter of intent masters degreeA letter of intent for Masters program essentially informs a University in question that you are interested in studying for a Masters at their place. It clarifies concisely why you’re interested, what skills and qualifications you possess, as well as what you would bring to the course. It goes hand in hand with your personal statement for Masters, and allows you to outline clearly and precisely why the University should consider you above others, and it gives you the chance to demonstrate your communication and engagement skills. A letter of intent Masters degree is one where brevity is needed as opposed to lengthy paragraphs. It has to convey information over the course of a few hundred words, and it has to be well presented, progressional, organised and, most importantly of all, it has to be persuasive.

How Do I Structure My Letter of Intent for Masters Program?

To optimise your letter of intent Masters degree and to make sure that it is presentable, readable and that all your points are clearly and concise, you should begin by outlining your interest to study on your course of choice at your University of choice. This opening paragraph needs to only be short.

You can then move onto your qualifications (only the relevant ones), outlining them clearly and emphasising the ones which have the most importance. You do not need to go into detail by discussing various aspects of your qualifications. Your third paragraph should be about your interest in the subject and what has prompted you to apply for a Masters centred around it. Again, keep things short and simply whilst conveying good information and selling yourself.

You can then mention any other experience you have relating to the course that might make you stand out as a suitable candidate. If you’re applying for a math Masters, for example, in your letter of intent for Masters degree you could write how you did a few months work experience as a teaching assistant. You can then use your final paragraph to wrap up, surmising briefly the points you have made and why they make you an outstanding candidate.

Who Can Help with My Letter of Intent for Masters Program?

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